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Trading Degrees for Dollars?

Though it hardly feels like another school year is almost over and summer is within reach. It’s already time for graduation plans and gearing up for beaches and barbecues. Before ...

Textbook Bearish Rising Wedge Hewlet Packard (HPQ)

For traders new to trading chart patterns, a textbook example of the Bearish Rising Wedge pattern developed in textbook fashion which can serve as an excellent real-world example for ...

Localizing Investments

News coming out lately on domestic economic activity has showed continued albeit slowed improvement, following the trend of stagnation which has formed over the past several weeks. ...

The Death of Drive

Anyone looking for some interesting reading may want to look for a copy of T.J. Stiles’ fantastic biography of Cornelius Vanderbilt, The First Tycoon. Having just finished it’s ...

Eschewing Efficient Markets

Most columns concerning investments or economics make certain assumptions concerning behavior in and characteristics of markets being discussed. It is taken for granted, for instance, ...

Bailing Out Bernanke

It pains us to say, but interest rates likely aren’t headed higher for quite a while. This is unfortunate, as they undoubtedly should. As we’ve written numerous times before, rising ...